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Open European League

1. Season
     1.1. Each season in the Open European League (hereinafter – OLE) lasts 13 weeks or 91 days. Season starts on 2nd Saturday of the PPM season. Each team plays 26 games in the season. There are 14 teams in each division. Game days of the Tournament are Saturday and Sunday.
     1.2. The team, that win the first place in the league 1.1 in the season, is titled as the Champion of OLE in this season.

2. League system
     2.1. At the highest level there is only one division. The second level has 2 divisions. Other levels have 4 divisions each.
     2.2. Each teams of division 1.1, which took place in the season from 11 to 14, will be relegated to a lower league, and it's place in division 1.1 will be given to the best team from that lower league.
Rules of team exchanging are listed in the Table 1.
     2.3. At the end of season non-active teams will be replaced with lower league teams.

league A.1 place 11 =><= league B.1 place 1
league A.1 place 13 =><= league B.2 place 1
league A.1 place 12 =><= league B.1 place 2
league A.1 place 14 =><= league B.2 place 2
league B.1 place 11 =><= league C.1 place 1
league B.1 place 12 =><= league C.2 place 2
league B.1 place 13 =><= league C.3 place 1
league B.1 place 14 =><= league C.4 place 2
league B.2 place 11 =><= league C.1 place 2
league B.2 place 12 =><= league C.2 place 1
league B.2 place 13 =><= league C.3 place 2
league B.2 place 14 =><= league C.4 place 1

3. Peculiar properties of the first OLE season
3.1. Admission of participants is open, free-will and free of charge, after submitting the application on the official forum.
3.2. In determining which team will play in every league in the first OCEE season the ranking principle is used.
Rank is determined by the rule R = OTR * STR, where OTR is overall team rating, and STR is team strength.
3.3. In the first season the league will be for 8 teams.
3.3. 8 teams with the highest rated league filled with 1.1.
The remaining teams by rating uniformly fill the rest of the lower leagues.
3.4. Performance rankings for teams in the last day of the filing.

4. Appointment of games
     4.1. Games are appointed according to the game schedule, which is published at least one week before the Tournament start.
     4.2. Challenge for the game should be sent by the host at least 5 days before the game. This challenge should be taken up at least 3 days before the game. Every challenge must be for the game without overtime. If the game is played with overtime, only the result of regular time will be used in the OLE.
     4.3. If participating team has non-OLE game planned on the OLE game day, this team must cancel this non-OLE game at least 6 days before this game day.
     4.4. If the host team did not challenge or away team did not accepted the challenge in the time specified in paragraph 4.2, the game is forfeited. Guilty team will receive 0:5 loss and will lost 3 points. Non-guilty team will receive 5:0 win.
     4.5. Interested parties should inform the tournament administrator about problems in appointment of game on the official forum beforehand.

5. Scoring system
     5.1. Tournament has the following scoring system:
             Win: 3 points
             Draw: 1 point
             Loss: 0 points
     5.2. If two or more teams are tied on points at the end of the Tournament, the ranking is decided by the better goal difference (goals for minus goals against). If the teams are still tied, the higher number of goals scored is used. If the teams are still tied, final ranking is decided by the draw, performed by the tournament administrator.

6. Rights and duties of the Tournament participants
    6.1. The rights of the Tournament participants:
        6.1.1. to have access to the information about the Tournament and to the rules of the Tournament.
        6.1.2. to request the tournament administrator for the assistance associated with the Tournament.
        6.1.3. to appeal against the result of the game in the case of disagreement owing to the rule breaking.
        6.1.4. to appeal against the tournament administrator's decision and to submit the appropriate request to him.

     6.2. Duties of the Tournament participants:
     In the case of posting the request for participation in the Tournament, each participant assumes duties associated with the Tournament, namely:
       6.2.1. to appoint home games and to accept the challenges on time.
       6.2.2. to respect opponents and not to express offensive words about them.
       6.2.3. to comply with these regulations of the tournament.

7. Additional admission to the OLE
     7.1. Additional admission to the OLE is conducted at the beginning of the new season on the base of applications submitted by the interested teams. Number of additional places in the Tournament is published by the tournament administrator.
     7.2. Place of a new participating team in an appropriate league is determined according to the ratings of teams that have submitted additional applications. Rank is determined under Paragraph 3.2.
     7.2. New participating team starts in the lowest league.
     7.3. If the team leaves the Tournament by own choice, then in the case of return this team will start from the lowest league.

8. Final provisions
     8.1. Administrator announces the size of prize pool of the Tournament at the start of season or, if it has changed, during the season.
     8.2. In the case of rule breaking, the tournament administrator has the exclusive right to remove guilty team from the Tournament and not to allow the participation of this team in the next tournaments. This rule will be used in the such cases as sabotage of appointment or acceptance the challenges for the games.
     8.3. Tournament Administrator may adjust the rules of the Tournament if necessary with the following notification of the Tournament participants.
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